Yay! I got my LE Magenta City, finally!

  1. Okay no piccies for you lovelies , that's because my baby hasn't arrived! :p

    It has been one hell of a chase for her, all the overseas unearthly hour calls i made to balNY were totally incredible and i had to wait for 1.5 weeks for my credit card to get verified and approved. Finally, today, I received a call from my SA at balNY and he told me he's gonna ring it up because my card has been confirmed and my magenta baby will be shipped out either today or on Monday. OMG, I CANNOT WAIT! I've been waiting for her like forever! :yahoo:But then again, I was told she might take weeks to arrive cause of customs. :sad: I really hope she comes soon and everything would be fine... :s:s:s

    So I got really anal and made my SA and his manager check on my bag thoroughly b/c I've heard of the problems from the new magenta '07 bags. I really hope mine will turn out perfect! :s I'm really keeping my fingers crossed on her!

    PS: if you're wondering what HW I got, it's a secret... Sorry to be such a teaser! I'll post pics of her once she arrives! :love:
  2. it's written in your wishlist!!!

    (helping the world keep secrets safe! ;)
  3. ^ LOL! I AM KICKING MYSELF OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW SILLY I AM!!! lol. and you just had to paste it! i went to change my signature but i can't change your comment!!! yikes. lol i'm really laughing out loud right now!
  4. Woohoo, another LE Magenta, please post pics when you get it....I was having difficulty with my LE Magenta and now I have received my replacement and it is just PERFECT.
  5. Congrats, I hope it perfect too!! Good luck!
  6. Good luck!! My magenta SGH was perfect for me, came with yummy leather and no scratches at all!! I hope you get it soon!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Mine was very nice as well. Very nice leather front and back, and I'm thrilled with the color. No scratches, one tiny little beauty mark/freckle that I never would have seen if I hadn't been going over it like a madwoman because of all the problems other tPFers have had. I'm confident that you got a good one! Hope it arrives quickly!!
  9. SGH? :p

    Congrat!! :yahoo:
    I am so happy for you!
  10. ^^ yay!! thanks lovelies, i hope she'll arrive safe and sound soon...

    and then you know.. the piccies.. hee! :biggrin: check back often alright! xo
  11. wish you all my luck..i just received mine last week and it's perfect
  12. Congrats on your new bag.

    I'll check back later for your pics. :popcorn:
  13. Congrats!
  14. Is it here yet? Is it as nice as you hoped??
  15. Congratulations.