YAY!!! I got my Fishy!!! PICs!!

  1. Woohoo I got my little fish in today and it found its new home on my Heritage tote! :yahoo:

    I might put him on that little ring on the front of the heritage tote.. what do you think?
    IMG_0657.JPG IMG_0656.JPG
  2. Cute! I think it looks better where its at right now!
  3. oh my gosh, it is so cute!! i think it looks perfect with your tote :smile:
  4. CUTE!!!! Try it on the other loop and take pictures, well give you our 2 cents. :yes: I am thinking it would look really cute on that front loop.
  5. I think that D ring is a great place for him. What a cute fishy!
  6. Congrats, so cute! And I think the D ring is a perfect home for him!
  7. I love the fish on that bag! I finally found my little fish this fall at the outlet and I usually put it on my turquoise ergo- I like the pop of the gold against the turquiose.
  8. very cute :smile:
  9. The fish is super cute on your tote
  10. aww your little fishy is just too cute!
  11. I think your fishy is way too cute is what I think. Love the Coach charms.
  12. what a cute thing!!! Yes I agree the D ring is perfect home for your new fish ;)
  13. Cute fishy:smile: Could you tell me the # on your tote? I don't see that particular one on the coach website.
  14. Aw cute!

  15. The item number is 11763. It's the multifunction tote and I have no idea why it isn't on the website.. it's in the stores :confused1: