Yay!!! I got her ^-^

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  1. hi all!! she's may not be new to you but she is to me..
    And 1st i want to thank an :angel: here (u know u are) who 'guide' me to this bag.
    I'm in :cloud9:!!! I adore this bag, the size is just perfect for me and i :heart::heart: the colour.
    ok, i go on and i'll make ev'body :sleepy: so cut short, here she is.....
    last not least, :tpfrox: especially the MJs ladies :woohoo:

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  2. Congrats!

    She's so PRETTY!!!
  3. Oh, wow! Such a gorgeous bag!! Congrats and enjoy:tup:
  4. :faint: It's gorgeous! I love anything purple, especially the Cecilia. Congrats!!
  5. Congrats! She's beautiful!
  6. That is a beauty~ Congrats on finding that stunner!
  7. Gorgeous bag! I know you are really going to enjoy it since you searched for so long. And you are so welcome - anything to help a fellow pf'er...:tup:
  8. Cecilias are great. If they ever produce one in a true navy, I'm toast.

  9. Beautiful. Cecilia is such a great bag. Sophisticated and fun at the same time. Enjoy!
  10. OMG thats just breathtaking!!
  11. Congrats! The purple Cecilia is beautiful!
  12. Now that sounds gorgeous as well :drool:...Marc, are you reading this?
  13. lucky you!! congrats on finding this darling.
  14. thank you ladies for all your compliments :flowers:

    kathybea - true navy sounds so lux.. guess will be another head turner if there is one..

    TT :flowers: - yup, i am admiring her morning and night lol.. she is just so beautiful and wearable lol..
  15. You do know that you're torturing me, right?! I've just recently developed a hankering for a Cecilia, and this doesn't help dragoncandy!


    CONGRATULATIONS!! She's absolutely gorgeous! I humbly request modeling pics! :P