Yay!! I got an 05 grey first!! Its gorgeous!! >>>

  1. Its funny because I got it from a lovely pfer and it was AFTER I bought it that we both realized that I had contacted her months before to say how amaaaazing her first was and I loved it. Little did I know that it was this exact grey first that I found on eBay :p

    It was meant to be :yes:

    05's are the best. Super soft leather and I love how vintage looking this looks which to me, makes it timeless :yahoo:
    DSC05332.jpg DSC05336.jpg DSC05341.jpg DSC05339.jpg DSC05327.jpg
  2. congratulations on your new first. as always, love your clothes too! :smile:
  3. oh karen, 05 grey is my FAVE color!!! love your first, she looks very vintagey and nicely broken in.....congrats!!
  4. Thats my dream bag! I was so sad when I saw it had been snapped up! :crybaby:Glad she has gone to a good home

  5. That is really gorgeous :heart:

    Congrats!! I adore the greys.
  6. I tell you, the moment I saw it my heart starting beating faster and I knew I had to act quickly!!

    Keep looking though. You know online is like a box of chocolates. (I won't finish the rest of that line).
  7. Thats what I love the most: how vintage looking it appears in real life. The leather is like an old beat up leather bag which is exactly what I love.

    There is just something about a grey leather bag....:yes:
  8. oh i will, at least my wallet is happy! :yes:
  9. LOVE it!:love: Congrats on another beautiful addition to your gorgeous collection, Karenab!:yahoo:
  10. Congratulations, the grey 05 was the first BBag i bought and it just keeps looking better and better!
  11. ^^^ Sammylee, I can see why. I saw a chick with one at a restaurant once and it was GORGEOUS: all broken in and slouchy hanging from off her chair. It looked so chic. That image stuck.
  12. YEAH! You have gotten some REALLY nice bags lately! Great pics!
  13. another great find Karen!!! congrats!
  14. Wow Karen!!! It looks fabulous on you! My favorite thing about that bag is how completely smooshy it is... I'm glad she went to a good home. :tup:
  15. ^^ It was meant to be! Thank you Kooba!! The leather is superb.