YAY! i got a tiger keychain!!

  1. :yahoo: now i'm just waiting for the owl and the ladybug to hit my Hermes boutique :wlae:
  2. Congrats! Please post a pic!
  3. ooh pic pic!
  4. Congrats! Love the tiger!!!
  5. The tiger is so cute. Congrats.
  6. I agree the tiger is cute!!
    Show us how you are using it.
  7. CONGRATS!! what are all the animals H makes???
  8. Sounds totally cute!! can't wait to see your pic.
  9. Congratulations! These are so sweet on the bags.
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Congrats!!! I'm a big Tiger fan too! :nuts:
  12. congratulations. i'm expecting the ladybug too.. and i've seen piglet in shocking pink recently. the SA said i should get one since it's the year of boar for chinese :p
  13. stupid question...how do i upload pictures to the board? i'm still new to this :shame:
  14. ^^^Hit the Go Advanced button. Then when the new page pops up, go to manage attachments. A new window will pop up, then upload your picture. Beware: the picture may have to be downsized if it's too big.

    BTW, sounds like you are trying build a zoo. I collect the fruit ones, I have a fruit salad dangling from my bag.
  15. h2.JPG


    alright! here's pictures of my panda and tiger! ;) i still don't know how to use them though =T i don't have hermes bags yet and i think only my chanel bags are worthy of them....