Yay i got a BN Campeggio in Amore

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  1. Guys, as some of you know Bloomingdales is having a sale on their lesportsac NOT including tokidoki and bloomingdales specific prints.

    The sign said it exludes tokidoki but it was in tiny print.

    So I was a bit frustrated walking in today because i called in and was told they didnt carry tokidoki lesportsac, yet the entrance i walked in today just checking was FULL of lesportsac and a lot of solid tokis, 4 amore bags, 3 spiaggia, and 1 adios print.

    i almost bought a white stellina but eh, it costs too much!


    so the lady felt bad that i was misinformed, and she said it should be 25 percent off although some are exluded but shed give me the 25 off anyway. so she did

    i also opened up a bloomingdales card to get 15 percent off

    and so it turned out that my amore campeggio i picked out was 109 with tax.

    i was pleased :yahoo:

    so definitely try bloomingdales ladies
    hopefully you'll get an unaware SA that doesn't know that tokidoki is exluded and will give you the 25 percent off!

    and i wasnt even planning on buying just looking hoping to find some older prints on sale.

    I wish they had a denaro though!!!

    also if anyone is looking for a citta rosa trenino there is one on Lj on shoptokidoki

    ive added 2 new bags to the last post i made ill eventually make another collection post

    ive bought so many bags in may! :wtf:
  2. Congrats on your recent purchase pandanoir !
  3. Congrats on your steal!! :tup:
  4. oh u lucky! post pix!
  5. Thanks everyone !!!!


  6. I see my little love birds on the corner!!
  7. i LOVE amore!!

    i wish i had a denaro and a caramella

    not enough lattes on it for me! i love lattes!!
  8. I think aside from the camo prints, Amore is one of my least favorite but I love love love the pink birdies!! I'm a bird enthusiast!!

    The lattes are adorable too!!

    I don't know what it is... I like majority of the characters on this print and when I look at it I think it's cute and pretty but I don't want it at all. Maybe it's because of all the hearts (I'm a star person) and the tan trim (although it does match well)... :confused1:
  9. See its funny beause im a star person too!! im not even a heart person! i hate the tan to be honest

    im a black trim kind of person

    but i dont know it was too cute to pass up i got it in a dolce that sweet lattegrl helped me pick out and i did a charge send!

    i figured if i dont ever use it i can always find a way to get rid of it !

    the tan playground print is so awesome and i twas too brown for me at first but then for some reason i had to ahve it!

    i prefer black backgrounds and black trims!!

    i cant decide my favorite print :sad:
  10. All the cute couples DO make it really tempting, don't they? Haha!

    Aw, nuts... Gotta head out to my Child First Aid class. BLAH!! Working on a Saturday!!
  11. i hate tan trim too but theres too much goodness on this bag that i completely bypass the tan trim n only see the print which is super rainbow colorful = perfect for me! i've yet to find my perfect amore campeggio....i want the koi fish and sea dragons/butterflies in full view along the top with the kyoot birdies on the pockets somewhere
  12. Very nice! Congratulations!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  13. :love: i think ur amore is way cute!! congrats! the amore colors match a lot of my outfits so I luv it!
  14. aww you finally get the perfect placement i'm looking for. oh well :/
  15. congratz on ur cute campeggio lucky girl! :tup: