YAY, I found a gray VL tote!!! PICS!!

  1. I have long been admiring the beautiful VL totes that our Chanel ladies have. I never thought I'd find one. But it popped out of eBay:yahoo: and I grabbed it. A very special thanks to the ever helpful Michele for authenticating this.(Of course, I'd also like to thank Smoothoprter, Beautylicious and all the Chanel ladies for all the FREE authenticating services that we receive from them.) So here she is.. TA DA !!!
    DSC00756.JPG DSC00757.JPG DSC00758.JPG DSC00759.JPG
  2. wow it is spectacular! you are sooo lucky!
  3. Congrats! :tpfrox:
  4. So beautiful and lush - congrats!
  5. It's gorgeous. I hope you really enjoy it!!!
  6. awesome bag congrats!
  7. so pretty!!! congrats!!!!
  8. Beautiful,congrats!
  9. Beautiful. Congrats
  10. wow that is such a beauty! congrats on the great find.
  11. That baby is AWESOME! Love everything about it! Congrats
  12. Wow, LOVE! I search eBay all the time - how did I miss this? Was it international eBay??
  13. Gorgeous bag from my all time favorite ligne!
  14. gosh i love it
    i want the lrge tote so bad