Yay I finally own one!!!

  1. So I am finally an official balenciaga owner....I was just in NYC yess during alll the flooding! But I went into Barneys and saw them hanging all over the place and said....ok it's time! So I got the balenciaga day bag in brown....I just need to say the LEATHER is crazy! I've never felt leather like this! Needless to say i'm crazy excited and totally feel like i'm a part of this board...just like every other one now....OH except chanel...but with time...with time.
  2. Congrats on your first Balenciaga! Isn't that initial experience with Bal leather just amazing? Wow!
  3. Congrats!! Can you post pics?
  4. Congratulations!! I'm expecting my first B-bag INK FIRST to come today....:p
  5. oooh! Congrats to ur first bbag!:heart: :heart:
    plz post pics..cant wait to see it
  6. Congrats on your 1st BBag purchase, I am jealous ;)
  7. Congratulations! And welcome to the board! We love new converts. The more people in the world who understnad us and our addiction, the better.
  8. Congrats on your new Bbag, woosah! And, welcome to the Bal family. Do post pics of your new Bbag when you get a chance. We ALL love to ogle each others' bags...
  9. CONGRATS on your very 1st Bbag...and it will not be your last!:yahoo: :devil:
  10. congrats :dothewave:
    post pic modelling it and u're official LOL
  11. congrats and welcome! The Day is one of my fav styles, great choice!
  12. Congrats woosah! Please post pics so we can admire her. :balloon:
  13. WElCOME!!! :welcome: The bbag sisterhood is amazing...one thing I know about bbag newbies: your next bbag purchase should be coming up shortly!! :idea: :yes:
  14. congrats on your first b-bag.
  15. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics of your bbag!!