YAY!! I don't have to rush. The Neo Cabby is not LE.

  1. I just called 1866vuitton and they said the neo cabby will be availble for "several seasons" and there is no need to waitilist. They are and will be readily available.:yahoo:

    I'm so happy b-cuz i want them both (black and denim) but can't really get them now.

    Just wanted to share for those who might be in my same situation. Feel free to call 1866 to verify. I want to make sure I was told the right thing:tup:
  2. Any info on the XL being limited too? I've been wondering if anyone here was going to get it.
  3. Oh, that is good news. Thank you for the info, I really want the black one.
  4. I was in the store today and I looked through the lookbook (again) and asked about the Xl being limited and they said as far as they know it is not LE and should be around.
  5. I'm so glad that the Neo Cabby will be available for a few seasons. I must have the black denim Neo Cabby!!! It is gorgeous IRL!! Gotta wait, though, until after the gray Nimbus!!
  6. Oh good! I think this one is on my list lol.
  7. Oh good, thanks for the info. I want one but can't get one now.
  8. I tried the black neo cabby on today and was pleasantly surprised! I REALLY liked it! If LV doesn't do the neo speedy in black denim I will definitely be getting the black neo cabby. It is gorgeous!
  9. That's good, now I can save up for the blue denim!
  10. thanks for the info, I wasn't sure myself....will wait for the no tax appearance on elux in the future...
  11. travelbliss you read my mind....throw in free shipping and it's happy dance time!
  12. OH yay.
  13. I hope so, I def. want to check it out and see how big it is. The Cabby is just too big for my needs.
  14. How much is the neo black cabby??
  15. i really like the black denim...thanks for letting me know!! now i can start saving