Yay! I did it! I just put a deposit on my Chi puppy. Help me with a name!

  1. Eeeek...I am so excited and nervous. After about a million emails, conversations, and photos from the breeder, I just put a deposit on my new little Chi fur baby! I am going to try and transfer the pics from my email...but who knows if they will work. Mine is the one with the black mask on her face. I am in :heart: already! I can't get her until August 8th though....plenty of time to prepare!

    She needs a name now!!!
    ABG-1--2.jpg ABG---1.jpg ABG-------1.jpg ABG--------1.jpg ABG-1----2.jpg
  2. She's adorable!! Congratulations. She looks like a Molly to me, no... how about Chloe? Too many names!

    She too cute. :tup:
  3. oh so cuuuuuteee!!! Congrats!! She's darling!
  4. Wow sooo cute I love Chis!
  5. so adorable. does the breeder have a website? I am looking into possibly getting a third chi.
  6. How about Chi Chi.. lol
  7. what a cutie!
  8. Cutie pie!!! If it was a boy, I would of said Bandit because of the markings. I like Lola for a girls name.
  9. I really love the names Flopsy or Mopsy (after Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail) but anyways - she is so beautiful!! Congrats!
  10. Yes, it is www.tiny-town-texas.com (I hope that is OK that I put the site on here, if not Mods feel free to take it down) and the breeder is AMAZING. The absolute best! I have utmost confidence in them and their pups. Go to the site, you will want them all!
  11. thanks for the site. going to check it out.
  12. Cutest little puppy ever! Are you considering any names in particular?
  13. No problem, I just PM'd you with the info too. Her sister (the spotted one in the pictures) is still available :graucho:
  14. I am thinking maybe, possibly Bella??? It seems kind of fitting. The breeder said if I gave them a name, they would start using it with her so by the times she comes home over a month from now, she will be used to it.
  15. Oh, that's a pretty name for a pretty little girl!;)