Yay I beat the increase!!! Saved $105!!! 13% increase on the bellevue pm pomme


*alpha chi omega*
Apr 16, 2008
Los Angeles/ Orange County, CA
I know i was supposed to wait til october to get it, but I'm so glad i didn't wait. wow increase of 13%, $105.
it was 785, now its 890!!

I haven't had time to take pics or upload any. I will eventually :biggrin: :heart::heart:


Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
Home on the Range
I know, I checked some of my bags prices this morning and it's like, wow! the increases are insane.... and, the resale isn't looking so good on ebay these days, kwim? Congrats on the pomme bellevue, it's a totally gorgeous bag!