YAY!!! I am going to London!!!!

  1. Yay!!! I am going to London for my summer internship! :wlae: :wlae: I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    TPFers in London, can you tell me all about London?

    The weather, the food, the fashion and everything? (I know the internship is in summer. But I am just so excited. hehe)

    Anyway, I am going to stay in the "royal borough of kensington and chelsea". can you ladies tell me how the place is like? If it is fun.. What is there to do around there and so on?

    I have been to London twice before, but that wasy when i was much younger. I was in a tour (both times), so actually I dont know much about London. Expect for that Hermes is from there. hehehe. :jammin:

    TIA ladies!!
  2. London is my 2nd favorite city (San Francisco, where I live now, is my favorite). I stayed in Kensington, it's a great area and a short tube ride (or walking distance) to Harrod's -- fantastic location! Their public transportation system is very easy to use, so you will be able to get just about anywhere.

    Are you going to want to do touristy stuff?
  3. oooh! have fun!!! i'm from scotland and we lived in london a few years ago. you'll LOVE it, it's wonderful :smile: i'm jealous! what's the internship for and how long?
  4. Fun! Congrats!
  5. yes, lori. i will probably do some sight see-ing and such since it is summer too! is the london weather in summer ok? is it warm? *hope it is*

    katie, it is an internship program for 10 weeks in the finance department. i am in this program and have not been placed with a company yet. but i will soon be! :smile:

    thanks tink! the nearest tube stops from my area is south kensington and gloucester road. does anyone know where the nearest airport is?

    also, for the ladies living in the area, if you dont mind me asking, how much would you spend on average on food and daily products? think in terms of a college student. i need to know how much i would need to bring. :biggrin:

    sorry for the many questions! *blush*
  6. Wow!! Sounds like a blast!!:yahoo:
  7. Ok London, one of my favourite cities! Lucky you!

    1. You must go to Harrod's, shop & look then wile away the afternoon in the Tapas bar with a bottle of wine.

    2. Shopping - High end - Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, Bond Street
    High Street - Oxford street!

    3. Nightlife - I couldn't begin to tell you but I had the most fabulous night on my last visit at SKETCH in Conduit street! Very expensive (worth it) worth going just to see the toilets :wtf: big pods like eggs :roflmfao:

    4. Places of interest - Madame Taussauds, Trafalgar Square, Cathedrals, Hyde park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Zoo, Aquarium, London Eye (I didn't like this, great view over city but a bit claustrophobic going up) OMG far too many to mention
    If you want a quickie tour first take the City tours but be prepared to be choked with traffic fumes!!

  8. Forgot this one -- I went to the Tate Modern Museum -- it is fabulous! Also, if you're interested, the theater there is wonderful. Get a guide book of London before you go to help you -- I found this especially good to have because it tells you where the tube stops are for each location. The weather should be beautiful. Also you might want to check out Chelsea if you're interested in flea markets and/or anything vintage.

    The clubs are open very late. Much later than they are in the US. I had to get used to this! If you go to restaurants and you don't smoke, be prepared to hold your breath. This may have changed since I went in 2002 but restaurants didn't have non-smoking sections at that time.

    I missed the Tower of London when I was there (ran out of time), but this is a spooky site, not to be missed!

    Cheap food is available -- and there are fast food places. I was within walking distance of a Burger King. I also kept costs down by purchasing food at the grocery store and keeping it in my room (energy bars, yogurt, etc.).

    I've seen postings for a London Purse Forum meeting -- maybe you can meet up with them when you are there!
  9. I just saw you asked how much money to bring, sorry but London is not cheap! bring as much as you can!
  10. Wow! How wonderful! Congrats!
  11. congrats! your living my dream!
  12. i just came back from studying at oxford for the term and i went to london tons of times. my friend is actually living in kensington right now doing an internship through BU. TONS of people there smoke so don't get mad at smokers (i almost yelled at one for smoking in a bank ....) i know that food can be cheap if you buy local groceries and eat at small sandwhich places etc. they have indian food on their mcdonald's menu! i didnt really bother taking the tube because there are TONS of buses that will take you almost anywhere. definitely do High Tea at Lauduree in Harrods. it's expensive but worth the experience. a sandwhich and a drink and a snack at somewhere like Pret-A-Manger could be like 5-6 pounds i think? money shouldnt be that bad as long as you budget yourself and not shop 24/7 =) Oh, they have alot of HSBC branches over there so you might want to consider opening a joint account with your parent? that way they can put money in while theyre in the US and you can just access it in London. i think HSBC doesnt charge withdrawing fees overseas. also get a capital one card, no additional fees overseas too!
  13. :roflmfao: That's a classic!! Enjoy London!
  14. Wishing you lots of fun!! and a safe trip ^_^
    London is the best :love: shopping there is soooo fun :biggrin:
  15. You'd love Hampton Court Palace. They have either the costumed guided tour or the listenning device tour. I did the listening device tour on Henry VIII. It was absolutely fascinating.

    As someone mentioned before, go to the Tower of London. Do the guided tour! And then go see the Crown Jewels.

    Go to the Globe Theatre.

    Go to Fortnum & Mason and do afternoon tea.

    If you're brave enough, check out The London Dungeon.