YAY I am getting a spy at last

  1. Congrats, thats a beautiful color!
  2. Lovely bag & in awesome condition. Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks so much , I am soo excited .. i have decided I will get myself a fendi B bag next --- but will enjoy my spy for a while first. I normally only ever buy LV bags so this is a change for me... and you never know fendi may become my new love :smile:
  4. Love your bag- congrats!
  5. she's beautiful
    the perfect amount of bubbliness in the leather

    i know what you mean, i am a Chanel girl, but something bout the Spy bags is so enchanting...................they're sexy amd edge-ily classic
    i have the Zucca Spy

    i know you will have many happy and proud moments wearing her
  6. Big congrats, beautiful spy
  7. Thanks for your kind comments
  8. Congrats honey, I have a cognac spy and I adore Her!
  9. There is definitely something fascinating about the Spy - I think I'm going to get one one day, too! Congratulations, she's beautiful!
  10. Lovely spy and yes, a great price too!