Yay!!! Hubby Relented-help Me Decide


    So after all of my whining -hubby FINALLY gave in. (I'm the girl with 3 Stams-2 for sale in marketplace-building new house so now on a budet:cry:smile:
    Anyway-he has agreed to 1 final purchase contingent upon my selling those 2 Stams. So here is my dilema. This will be my last purchase for awhile and I want to make it super special. I have been PMing PFers about potential spy trades b/c I don't have one. However, I'm not sure if I lovethe Spy. Should I cross it off of my list since I'm so uncertain. My top 2 choices are: Chanel Grand Shopping:love::love::love:OR Jimmy Choo Ramona (If I can find 1 in Navy:love::love:). What do you ladies think? If you were making your last purchase for a looong time which would you choose? Which is more classic? Which is timeless?

    Am I the only girl who is constantly in a state of flux with these shopping dilemmas? Sometime I make myself crazy!
  2. chanel all the way. i love chanel
  3. I would choose the Choo but in chocolate if that's still available anywhere. After seeing Socal's pics, the chocolate is now permanently imprinted on my brain:-P
  4. Thanks girls-I think I'm leaning towards the Chanel, but that could change in the next 2 minutes:shame:
  5. I vote for the Chanel.
  6. Chanel will always be timeless and classic. :love:
  7. Chanel. Chanel will never go out of style.
  8. Jimmy Choo Ramona in Navy
  9. Chanel all the way!
  10. If you need a final grand purchase bag, I"d make it the Chanel. ;) It'll last.... and last.... and last.... and then some!
  11. Definitely chanel! :smile:
  12. my vote is for the chanel!
  13. I'd do the spy. ;) But since you don't love it next choice would be the Chanel!!
  14. I would go for the chanel.
  15. Chanel! But for some reason, I don't believe that this will be your final purchase :P
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