YAY! Holy Grail '05 Caramel Work is here!

  1. I am in :heart: ...
  2. WOW!:nuts: It's TDF! LOVE it! CONGRATS!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. :yahoo: Yippeee!!!!!:yahoo: Love it Style!!! It's TDF!!!!:drool: I'm so glad you got this bag!!! It looks amazing on you!!!:heart:
  4. OMG, it is so gorgeous and it looks AMAZING on you! I'm so happy your HG paid off! :yahoo:
  5. wow where did you manage to snag this gem?
  6. Such a great find.:nuts: It looks amazing on you. :yahoo: Congrats and enjoy it.:wlae:
  7. what a gorgeous color! wear it in good health!!! :yahoo:
  8. absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Congratulations!! great find!!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats! I know you were agonizing over whether you should get it or not. I'm glad you're happy with your decision. The leather looks amazing!
  10. Wow, the leather on your bag looks gorgeous. Those '05 bags sure are something!
  11. Yeah!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you! You look gorgeous w/ your new baby.
  12. Oh! I'm sold.........that bag is gorgeous! I just was posting about this color and season yesterday in a City. It looks amazing in the Work style. I love it! I can see why it is your HG. Congrats on finding it!:yahoo:
  13. Your bag is so fantastic and slouchy! She's a great find!
  14. OMG!!!!! There are no words! That shade of Caramel is divine, and the leather??? Delicious!!! It looks awesome on yoU!
  15. wowww it's beautiful! i know u must;ve felt liek in heaven now :p
    just look at that slouchy leather :drool: