Yay! Here's The Pic Of My New Speedy

  1. it's sooo cute
    Picture 001_320x240.jpg Picture 002_320x240.jpg Picture 006_320x240.jpg Picture 007_320x240.jpg Picture 003_320x240.jpg
  2. Adorable, congrats!!
  3. Cute! Is it the 25?
    Welcome to the purse forum!

  4. yup. it is
  5. LoVe it! Wanna model it:graucho:
  6. congrats:love:
  7. Congrats and Welcome to TPF
  8. thanks. and i love the avatar! JETER IS AMAZING!!! but i choose jd any day:yahoo:
  9. Congrats!!!!
    Love the Damier Speedy!
  10. Congrats. I just brought the 30.
  11. Your baby is nice. Great choice and Gongrats!
  12. Very nice! Congrats! I have the 30 and :heart: it! :yes:
  13. Very nice! Congratulations!
  14. I love it! I'm so jealous that yours has that gorgeous red lining. It's Made in U.S.A. right? I have an early run so the lining of my damier speedy 25 is more orangey, nowhere near as bright as yours.:crybaby:
  15. Pretty!