Yay! He came back! My "Itch-Scratched-Bolide"!

  1. Woohoo! The Fedex guy came back (I almost attacked the poor guy) and I am so glad he did!:yahoo:

    No striptease - here she is! My very first Bolide in fabulous Blue Jean! Thank you, enablers! I really "needed" this!:heart:

    37cm Mou Bolide Blue Jean Togo PH


  2. :dothewave:

  3. It's gorgeous, and your pug is absolutely adorable btw!!!
  4. Gorgeous Yummie Bolide...
  5. Congrats! Was this the beauty on eBay everyone was talking about?
  6. You wore out your pug!!!!!
    The bag is beautiful, Congratulations, AL!!!!

    PHEW, now we are just waiting for the baby, right?
  7. Yes! I just HAD TO have it!!! Too divine to pass up!:heart:
  8. AL - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Oh my, I'm having SUCH a thng with BJ at the moment - you're KILLING me here!!!!

    Man, you're collection is quite sensational these days!!!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you scratched that itch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I think Pedro just got so sick of hearing me complain that I missed the Fedex guy - he was happier to see him than I was! I am sure he was thinking, "Thank God...now can we talk about something else?!?!?!":p
  10. Thanks everyone! I love it!
  11. Congrats!!!

    love it!!

  12. Pedro!!! Omg......love It!!!!
  13. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I love it! Just scrumptious!
  14. AL - it's beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS!! And I :heart: your pug, too!!
  15. AL - you got it!!!!!!!
    It is beautiful!! I am so lovin' Bleu Jean right now!!!
    I am so happy for you. You deserve to have it with all you are going through!
    Congrats & Enjoy~~
    The pug is just TOOOOO cute! :smile: