YAY!! Great deal on AC City Tote at Calypso!! RO

  1. Thanks to the ladies who posted here..I went to the one on Sunset in LA and got a snow metallic city reg $470 for $195..they had a few colors, ranging from $192-225!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know the store in Santa Monica has some too cause I called there today but this one was closer..and sorry, no pics yet!!!
  2. OMG I CANNOT wait until my Butterscotch Metal City comes in! The deal I got was literally unbelievable!
  3. This is what I love about TPF - helping each other find great deals on bags we love! Congrats ladies!!
  4. !!!!!!! any in new york ??????
  5. Oh wow that is a great deal!! I have an AC City in Butterscotch and it is one of my favorite bags!

    They are fantastic! Enjoy!
  6. Iw ould call their store