yay got some dolce and gabbana shade

  1. go some sunglasses, they're so cute
  2. Congrats! pics?
  3. pics pics pics! yesterday I saw a girl in the mall wearing a pair of D & Gs. She was just walking around the mall, and didn't take them off!
  4. lol! I will take pics when I get home! I should wear mine inside and not take them off! I think thats nerdy lol
  5. ahhaaa, it is a bit odd when people wear sunnies inside, but if they are fabulous, I can see why they'd want to! :supacool: :graucho: :supacool: :yes:
  6. congrats!
  7. oooh I got a brand new pair yesterday too :biggrin:, just come into store this week. I like to get my sunnies early in the season, as the best ones sell out really quickly.

    I went for the white armed version with the little diamante d&g and silver frames. So lovely