YAY! Got new bags!! *PIC*

  1. I received 2 bags today~~.
    Vert D'eau City (many thanks to Babyboo!!)
    and Lilac Oval Clutch. I really love Vert D'eau, I'm undecided about Lilac Oval Clutch....We'll see.....

  2. Gorgeous color choices!!! :yes:

    I like the vert, but the lilac clutch is awesome!! :drool: I :heart: that color!!

    Also, your GH is TDF!! Love your collection!!
  3. You have an amazing collection!!! I bet you can't wait for spring. I love the lilac color:drool: !!!!!
  4. :yahoo: AWESOME!!!!:yahoo: I LOVE your collection!!!:love: The vert is sooo pretty!!! :heart: I'm in love!!! Why are you unsure about the lilac oval? It's so cool!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think you'll end up loving that Lilac clutch... it's so handy, and just beautiful in that colour!
  6. CONGRATS wintotty! Love the new additions! heheee.. gotta say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your aquamarine pt with gh tho!!!
  7. AMAZING!!!! I am so happy for you! Is the vert d'eau great irl? Your collection is TDF!!
  8. Gorgeous clutch! Your color choices are just sublime, too. They're the opposite of my darker choices. I think I'm going to have to "lighten up."
  9. clutch me, please! i love that lilac.
  10. Chiming in - OMG I love the oval clutch. I really really really want one now....
  11. You have a lovely collection of Bbags! I love the clutch in that color! It's a keeper!
  12. If you don't mind me asking, how much is the clutch? What other colors does it come in?
  13. That lilac clutch ROCKS!!! :nuts:
  14. your collection is awesome! They all match eachother, if they were mine I'd stare at the for HOURS!
  15. your new things and your collection is beautiful. congrats!