Yay! Got my shoes :D

  1. Presenting the cutest ever Coach shoes in my opinion:

    Legacy stripe flats!



    So cute and summery, can't wait till the snow is gone so I can wear them out! :yahoo:

    Wondering if I should buy the matching tote as well?
  2. Those are very cute! I waffled back and forth last PCE about them but they are a little too flat for me. But love the color!!!
  3. Very Cute!
  4. Congrats, SO pretty... I love Legacy stripe!

    I love the look of the tote too, but I heard it snags really easily so I don't know how practical it would be.
  5. Love the color too. Legacy is just :drool:
  6. Soooo cute....I love them!!
  7. I always love those flats. Very cute!:yes:
  8. you should know the answer to that question ;)
  9. Those are so pretty!
  10. So pretty! I love them! Congrats!
  11. Congratulations.... definitely get the matching tote!! I own this set and can't wait until the weather gets warmer (and no more rain) to wear the legacy stripe flats and tote.
  12. They're gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  13. oh so cute - I think I will love the legacy stripe until the day I die
  14. Yes! they are super cute!
  15. These shoes are in my wishlist and I like the bow heels version too. VERY pretty