Yay! Got my Ombre

  1. I got lucky and was able to get my ombre today. And I got a hookup so I got it 50% off. Woo Hoo!!!!
    ombre coach 2.JPG
  2. 50% off!? You go! The color is so beautiful!
  3. OMG I absolutely love the color of that bag! I drool everytime I walk past the Coach shop and see it.
  4. Wowwowwow, that's beautiful. Congratulations!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. Stunning! If you dont mind me asking what was the price on it? Thanks:biggrin::flowers:
  7. No problem. The retail for the bag is $498 + tax. So with my 50% discount I only paid around $266.00.
  8. Wow, what a steal! Double congrats!
  9. yayy, so pretty and a great deal!
  10. congrats! i love that bag! enjoy!
  11. That's a pretty bag, I thought about getting it myself and if I could get it at 50% off there would of been no discussions about it I would have it!
  12. Great bag..Congrats! Lucky one!!
  13. Gorgeous, I just love how the bag looks like a sunset !
  14. wow great deal congrats!
  15. Sweet deal!! Congratulations!!! :biggrin:
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