YAY! Got my neo cabby gm and met the best pfer!!!!!

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  1. LoL , tonight I went to pick up my neo cabby black gm, love it!!!!! I was trying on some mono bags and my bf was sitting in the corner sick and passing out. I was deciding what mono bag I wanted and this really pretty woman walks by with a TD4 Chanel bag :drool: and I'm like JILL!! from the purse forum:nuts: hahaah she probally thought I was nutts:roflmfao:, well I forgot about the bags I was trying on and just talked to JIll , who was picking up her gorgeous Mirage speedy. Nice bag JILL!! Of course she wandered me over to Chanel , haha, but my poor bf who had a fever of 103, was looking faint. On the way home he was like great a new shopping partner:rolleyes:. It was nice chatting to someone from tpf, I wish bf wasnt with me , we could of had a drink. Oh then I went to another LV on the way home lol and bought a cool bandeau.
  2. Congrats! Glad you finally got it, your going to love using this bag. Better watch there are tpfer's everywhere...lol
  3. Congrat on your new black cabby....
    Wear it in good health!
  4. Awesome!!! I bet spotting Jill is like spotting a celeb. :supacool:

    Any pics of the new bandeau?
  5. Sounds like an awesome evening.

    And it was very nice of your BF to go in there with you while he was sick. Enjoy your new treasures.
  6. I would love to meet Jill one day, she's so much fun and has amazing bags to boot!

    Congratulations on the new purchases though!!
  7. Yah I looked like crap, I though no one would see me and she looked gorgeous!!!! Even prettier in person, what a babe. LOL!
  8. Sounds like so much fun! Sort of like an unexpected ray of sunshine on a grey day!
  9. Wow! So nice to bump into a Tpfer... hmmm if only i can too... Congrats to your new bag and wear her nicely!!!!
  10. sounds like you found a new potential shopping partner in crime. congrats on you new goodies!
  11. Wow, that's great you met a fellow tPFer while shopping at LV! That is fantastic! Congratulations on your black Neo Cabby and your bandeau! I hope your BF is feeling much better!
  12. You met Jill! Lucky thing! Oh, and that Neo Cabby and the Bandeau too, what a great day you had. :wlae:

    So.. pics!
  13. AUGH! I wish there were PF'ers here. But so far I haven't seen a single PF'er from Northwest Arkansas. Which might be good-- shopping trips would kill my pocketbook! LOL. Still, I'd love to meet some TPF gals. Ah, well, a girl can dream!
  14. So awesome-!!!
  15. That's cool!! I'd love to meet Jill IRL...she's so sweet and funny! Congrats on your new bag!