YAY, got my Navy Patent Reissue

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  1. Its soooooo amazing in person...thanks to Gail at Saks BH ;)

    will post pics after the USC-UCLA football game
  2. can't wait to see pics!
    go, trojans!!
  3. Can't wait to see!!!
  4. That's awesome, that means mine will be coming soon. The boutiques have had them for a few weeks, but mine was ordered from Saks. I can't wait to see your pics.:smile:
  5. I saw this at Chanel a few weeks ago. AMAZING!!! congrats!
  6. Nice, I can't wait to see pics.
  7. woohoo!! congrats!!! pictures please!
  8. Cory,
    Can't wait to see the pics! Congrats again on getting such an amazing bag!!! :yahoo:
  9. Our store just got the black patent...I'm excited to see the blue and white :smile:
  10. What's the retail price for the patent re issues?
  11. I love the SA's at Saks BH..they are so sweet!! Excited to see your bag!:smile:
  12. Ooh pics please!
  13. Oh man... I cant wait to see pics!!! Congrats!!
  14. CONGRATS! Can't wait to see pics!!
  15. OMG come on we need pics:drool::drool:

    btw navy is spring or fall color?