YAY, got my first b bag!!~

  1. I got my GH white city today!!! This bag is blingin lol, the leather is soft and nice and I love the gold hardwear. Fits alot, I thought the shoulder strap would be lower, oh well. How do you guys wear yous ?? Do you use the shoulder strap or just hand held?? I promise I will post pics!!!!!
  2. ^I wear my first mostly hand held. Shoulder straps comes in handy when you're carrying lots of stuff though. Congrats on your bag!!! Post pics soon, I'm dying here!!!
  3. Can't wait for pics. Congrats!! :yahoo:

    I usually use the shoulder strap on my City, or carry her on my shoulder through the handles :yes:
  4. I carry mine by the handles over my shoulder, I only use the long strap if the bag is full and heavy.
    Oh and congrats on your new baby.:yahoo:
  5. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics.
  6. Yay! Congrats, post modeling pics too!
  7. Congrats, don't forget to post pics...in fact, i don't use the shlder strap, i jus leave as it is.......:smile:
  8. congrats! can't wait for the pictures.
  9. congrats! post pics please..
  10. Congratulations on your lovely Bbag
  11. i use the strap and the handles of my first on my shoulder. depends on the weight.
  12. I agree the shoulder strap is made too short... one of my pet peeves. I usually remove the shoulder pad to keep the strap from slipping off my shoulder.