Yay - got my chocolate Annie!!

  1. Well, after a frought few days trying to track this sucker down, I finally got hold of it at HoF in Reading. I couldn't believe it when the SA said they had one left and that she would hold it for me!

    I've been lusting after this for a while now. I was thinkng of it as a replacement for my choc Elgin. Much as I love the Elgin, I have hardly used it, and I've been agonising over whether to sell. Now the cat is really amongst the pigeons though, as DH informed me that he loves it, and it's his favourite of all my bags :shrugs: Really can't justify keeping both, so I'll be pondering this for a while I think!

    If any one is still after a sale bargain (only 30% discount though) they had a pretty good amount of stock out. Amongst other things, I noticed Knightsbriges in black, Annies in black and oak, khaki somerset, silver Hanover.

    Anyway, phew, thanks for letting me share!
  2. Awww thats really cool! It must have been fate, with being only 1 left... enjoy!
  3. Good for you , I know you really wanted one so you must be so pleased to actually have found one :smile:.
  4. love the Annie, still my favourite!! Well done..
  5. Thank you ladies! Very pleased. Just been prancing around with it :shame:
  6. Yippeeeeeee!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx
  7. Congratulations!! Post piccies!!!!!!
  8. Hunting that hard must be worth a reward - keep them both! :tup:

  9. Yay - congrats! Love to see pics when you get a chance.
  10. I'd keep both,your finances will settle,and then you'll have two beauties in choc!!! Plus,how luxurious to be able to pull out the Elgin if your off out for the day with freinds and its one of those times you need a big bag to put lots of little bits in!!!
    I find the Elgin super useful when I'm out shopping and I need a few bits from Boots etc,and instead of carrying loads of little bags,bung 'em all in the Elgin and still look stylish when I'm shopping for boring stuff!!! And keep my hands free for looking at other stuff!
  11. Congrats, Alycat. So pleased you got your Annie :yahoo:

    If you can swing it, definitely keep the choc Elgin - it's such a classic. I've been using mine exclusively for the past couple of weeks and I've fallen in love with it all over again:love:
  12. Thanks for the lovely comments girls :flowers:

    Chaz and dita - you're so right about the Elgin. If I can swing it with DH, would love to keep it. Although I don't use it as much as it deserves, (don't have kids, and there aren't that many times when I need to carry a load of stuff) it's such a great bag, and I know that I'll be kicking myself in months to come.

    Just posted this on another thread, but what is going on with Mulberry's sale prices and availability? :wtf: Saw that earlier they had a couple of choc Annies pop up at that fab new price. I'm really trying to chill about this, but I think I might end up stalking the website for the next week :nuts: