Yay, got my Black Ali....and a Black Hippie!

  1. Now which one to keep, LOL! I bought a Black Ali and a Black Hippie. I also bought the Black Legacy French Wallet. Now which one to keep? I don't need two black purses but wanted to try both of them on and see which one I like best so I bought both.

    Does anyone have both bags? Which do you like best and why? Is the Ali heavier? I know it will hold a bit more.
  2. I have both. The Ali may be a skosh heavier only because it's a bigger bag but it's not by much because the hardware is the same on both. The Ali is really easy to carry and I think more versatile than the hippie. Congrats on both!
  3. I love both bags but think the Ali is the best all around choice if you can only keep one. It's so versatile...
    Oh, and you're going to have to keep the french purse..

    I had ordered one for PCE awhile back (in natural) and am in love with it!
  4. Oh I am definitely keeping the French Purse. So cute!!!! I was tempted to get the Legacy Striped one but I afraid of it not being leather.
  5. If you don't want the ali.... I'll gladly take it off your hands! :p

    I say keep the Ali--its soooo nice!
  6. Can you post pictures?
  7. I concur with the others-- hang onto that lovely Ali! It's more versatile and holds more. I'm not crazy about the hippie like I am the Ali.

    Post pics!
  8. I've got both and can honestly say that the Ali is 100000% better than the Hippie. It holds more and is more versitile. I'm having to sell my Hippie to a friend since it looks goofy on me. I'm a big girl, and it hits oddly.
  9. i personally like the ali...i have always wanted one (but can't since im moving) so my vote is for the Ali.
  10. Pics! Pics! Pics!
  11. I got an ali today too! does the bottom of your look crazy rugged? really I'm not feeling this odd change in leather at the bottom
  12. Keep the Ali!!!!
  13. You got it?!?! Quick work Bethie! I vote Ali definitely. I used to have a hippie, but it was so heavy to wear crossbody and it pulled on my neck. Yay!!! We can be black Ali twins!
  14. Ali =)
  15. Congratulations