YAY, got money back from scummy seller, and here’s some advice for buyers ~~

  1. Hey girls, reporting back on the eBay incident that had me so angry I was shaking (originally at http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/i-am-so-angry-that-i-am-shaking-99317.html)

    Quick summary – I bought a bag listed as mint, but arrived with numerous stains. Filed dispute with paypal, sent messages and pictures to seller, seller was very evasive and just a jerk (although he kept on referring to himself as a nice person, a gentleman – UM, nice people don’t LIE on their auctions). Anyways, seller actually escalated dispute to a claim and alleged that I caused the damages myself. I was LIVID. So, after a week or so, here’s the resolution:

    Good news first – I got my money back! Yay! Annoying thing was I had to pay $41 out-of-pocket for return shipping (seriously, paypal should not make buyers pay return shipping!).
    What happened was seller contacted me and offered to refund if I got the bag back to him within a couple of days (said he had to go on vacation, and no doubt he realized he was going to lose the paypal claim), and thankfully he refunded the money when I gave him tracking #.

    Now, here’s some advice I can offer, which I think helped me:
    As soon as you get your item, inspect it and IMMEDIATELY contact the seller if there is an issue. Describe in your message what is wrong with the bag (where the stains are, etc.). Also send pictures ASAP, so there is a timed record of everything, and seller can’t challenge you.

    After seller escalated dispute to claim, I IMMEDIATELY wrote out a “timeline” of when I contacted seller, what messages/pictures I sent, cut and pasted the messages and emailed it to the paypal resolution team. I was impressed by how efficiently they forwarded my timeline email to the agent reviewing the case. Judged from the “log” on the dispute page, it seems that they sent an email to the seller after they got my email, and perhaps that was what made him fold. I still have quite some anger towards the seller (he even threatened legal action against me if I don’t return the darn bag! That silly man!), but I’ve decided to move on as quickly as possible and restrained myself from writing back a nasty email.

    Hope this won’t happen to anyone here, but if it does, take immediate action (I can’t stress this enough), and keep good records!
  2. glad you got your money back! thank you for the tips! hopefully, i'll never have to use them!
  3. nice to hear you got your money back. I only got 1/3 of my money back from a seller who sent me broken sunglasses
  4. Glad it all worked out for you!:yahoo:
  5. Good to hear a happy ending.
  6. That's great news! Score one for the honest eBayers. Thanks for the tips.
  7. I'm really happy to hear it worked out for you!
  8. That is great that you got your money back...I am happy that it all worked out for you!
  9. yaaaay! im so glad you got your $$ back!:smile:
  10. Yay! Congrats on getting your money back!
  11. congrats on the return and congrats on keeping a cool head and handling the situation like a champ!
  12. Terrific and thoughtful of you to update us and ensure others are encouraged to act when eBay goes bad for them.
  13. Glad you got your money back :yahoo: