yay! got me a new mono speedy 30.. again (long)

  1. im sooo happy... finally i could sleep well again:graucho:. anyway, i went to the fashion show mall this afternoon coz my daughter wanted to go to sanrio. LV boutique is a short walk from the sanrio store so i was thinking, what the heck... so off we go to LV for some sight seeing. not a lot of people in there today. i went ahead and browsed the catalogue and asked to see the speedy 25 & 30 side by side. while i was trying to decide on the size, a couple of ladies came in and stood next to me and asked the SA, "how can you tell if its real or not is it the LV logo, i think its the LV logo?" the SA replied "i'm sorry but we are not allowed to divulge that information." by this time, im no longer paying attention to the bags in front of me but listening intently on their conversation (i know, eavesdropper!). she, by the way is carrying a mono LV purse. its one of the older models, i cant recall the name at the moment, but it is structured and kinda has the same shape as the pampellone with shoulder straps sewn on the side like the bucket. anyhoo, she then asked the sa if they can tell just by looking at the purse if its real and she said yes. she then asked if the purse she has is real to which the sa replied " i'm sorry but its not one of our bags." the lady looked like this :wtf:. she said she paid $600 for it from some website. she then turns to me and says, dont buy LV from the internet. the sa said, we only have eluxury here in the US that is authorized to sell our bags. she then asked the sa how she knew that her bag is not real, the sa replied... your bag has the greenish tinge on the canvas (it was a mono), and the leather. the lady looks at me and says i cant believe i paid $600 for this bag. and i pointed out the round, white LV tag that is hanging off of her bag, and said to her, LV does not put those round thingies on their bags, if you see them, then its a fake...to which the SA nodded in agreement. the sa even asked her if she wanted to compare her purse and the original side by side, unfortunately they have none in stock. she said thank you to the sa and went around the store to browse. back to my speedy... i settled for the 30, since my first one was a 30. i think the 25 is too small for me. i will post pics as soon as i charge my camera. good night y'all.
  2. congrats!!!
  3. Congrats on getting a 30!
  4. congrats! :biggrin:
  5. yay congrats
    aww I feel bad about the lady who got ripped off from some crappy website
  6. Congrats on the speedy. Too bad that lady spent so much on a fake. At least she didn't purchase one on purpose. I feel bad for those who think they're carrying real lv and find out it's fake.
  7. Congrats on the new purse! Will you be posting modelling pics?
    That's too bad about the lady with the fake LV; at least everyone was pretty nice to her and gave her good information! One more person educated!
  8. Surely she could have got a real LV for just over $600, if she had done her research?? At least another person educated though

    and congrats on the 30!!
  9. congrats.
  10. Congrats on your 30!!!! I'm sure you will LoVe it!!! I feel bad for that lady for buying a fake. But if she had time to go to the LV boutique to get it checked out surely she could have just bought it from there in the first place...anyway back to you did you get any accessories???
  11. Congrats on your new Speedy!

    I hope the lady who got duped with a fake can get her money back. I bet she felt so embarassed when she realized her bag was fake... :sad:
  12. :hrmm: congrats for your 30
  13. Glad you got your bag.
    Terrible that this woman was scammed.
  14. Congrats on the new Speedy!
  15. Congrats on your bag....
    How embarrassing for that woman!