YAY!! got a zip clutch in bordeaux for sale !

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  1. thanks to the mj sale thread, called Nordies and got one for around $240.00 (40 % off)
    iam so excited.
  2. Wow! Congrats! Post pics once you get it! We would love to see it!
  3. Terrific!! I know you will love your ZC. It's invaluable to me!!
  4. Congrats! Great price!!
  5. Congrats! The bordeaux color is gorgeous!!
  6. Congrats. That's a great price. I got one recently at 20% off from Shopbop and I thought that was a good deal.
  7. Awesome!! I got mine for 15% off and thought that was a good deal too.. Who knew??

  8. Wow congratulations!!! Which Nordies still had that?
  9. awesome price!
  10. Congrats. That's a great deal. Which Nordies was this? I saw a bunch of zip clutch at the Brea store but don't think they were on sale or at least that much.
  11. ^^Melly talked to the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom who said they had the ZC's on sale in Bordeaux, grey, teal and wheat. (Although I think the teal are gone now). She recommended you talk to the SA Caitlin who was very nice and helpful.

    Also, these items are just on pre-sale. The actual sale starts Friday. That's probably why the Brea store you went to didn't have them marked down yet. You should call them and have them confirm they will be on sale and to pre-sale for you.
  12. Thanks luvpurses24
  13. congrats!!
  14. I love my zc!!:tup::woohoo:
  15. fantastic price for a beautiful wallet! congrats!