YAY! Girl Power!!!!!

  1. thought i'd share this. Talk about Girl Power!
    i just checked alexa.com... and

    Traffic Ranking:
    V6 Performance.net, since 2002 (car site with over 17,000 members worldwide): 186,517

    E46 Fanatics, since 1999 (the site full of bored bmw guys that like to raid our board, over 70,000 members worldwide): 21,267

    Honda-Tech.com, since 2000 (site full of ricers and more ricers.. and idiots and ricers. a lil over 195,000 members worldwide [ :wtf: ] ): 18,006

    tPF, since 2005 (with over 12,000 members worldwide, and a little over 3,000 active members): 12,092

    which means tPF ranks WAY higher than those car sites with like a bazillion guys (and some girls) and we have the least members total, and is the youngest site! haha! :yahoo:

    my post counts:
    v6p.net: 2,833 (as of joining oct 2003); 2.77 posts per day
    tPF: 1,283 (as of joining feb 2006); 7.15 posts per day

    i just found all the statistics interesting. guys say they spend plenty of time on the computer surfing around and doing guy stuff on forums that girls don't understand, but looking at the numbers, i say the guys aren't doing enough of it! haha.
  2. LOL!
    I look at my posts/day sometimes and it's pretty embarrassing!
  3. When I read the thread title..I thought we were going to talk about Spice Girls..LOL! I know..dorky. I always check below to see how many members, threads, & posts we are at. It's kinda shocking!:shocked:
  4. GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    always have, always will......
  5. Want something done.......ask a man.

    Want something done right? Ask a girl!
  6. Wow thanks for the STATS!!!! We are totally having out own huge :party:
  7. Those are nice stats! LOL!