yay for the lagacy shoulder flap!

  1. [​IMG]

    what is your insight on the entire line?
    im questioning my purchase, however. =X
    its too bulky for my shoulder =(
    gorgeous bag that i dont want to let go of however.
    but i might be able to save myself 100 bucks if i settled for maybe a carryall?
    or just something leather in general?
    i :heart: the striped inside though ... cant let go of that, so i think the legacy line, i just might stick with.

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  2. Very classy! I really like it!
  3. I love the Legacy line and the minute I lift my ban I'll be visiting my local Coach boutique! That is one gorgeous bag!
  4. it is >_<
  5. gorgeous!
    and don't SETTLE for a carryall if you love this bag. no point in saving money if you don't love it, you know?!
  6. ^^ agreed.

    never settle. if you have to do without for awhile because you don't have the money. then so be it. and if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be

    but it sucks to settle because you don't really love it?

    just sit on that money and watch it grow, if the shoulder flap isn't around (are you sure it's shoulder flap and not ali?) then then there might be something else new you'd love.

    but yeah, i've settled before and now it's permantly "settled" in the back of my closet.

    one day i'm just gonna ebay it all.

    until then.

  7. love it! =]
  8. Thats the Ali signature shoulder flap bag.. very nice! I am going through the same thing with the Legacy shoulder bag, thinking of saving the 100 bucks and going with the signature shoulder zip. Let us know what you decide!
  9. ahh. thanks for correcting me ;)

    but just not as pleased with it as i should be & for that price i should be overall satisfied, completely!
    & thank you kallison & ms-whitney
    you both are entirely correct with the purse therapy & settling. :heart:
  10. Have you considered a smaller/less bulky Legacy bag?
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. I just bought the Ali bag after carrying various versions of the demi my whole life (at least three demis would fit in the Ali).

    I'm a total convert! It is a bit bulky under the arm, but sooo beautiful!!!
  13. Beautiful bag! I've seen a number of people carrying the Ali, and I think it is just stunning on, a real eye-catcher. But if you aren't 100% happy, then go with something else. I must have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the boutique, trying on every bag they had, until I finally decided to order the Hippie! So take your time and get what you love!
  14. I saw that bag last weekend, in the khaki and I just love it.
  15. yes..however i need bags with a lot of room & those that are quite spacious.
    i tned to just trow things in ... =X