Yay for sales! My new Lanvins

  1. Found these babies in Harvey Nics sale today. There only was one pair and it was the right size :yahoo:

  2. WOW...very nice & lucky you for finding the perfect size!
  3. Wow I love those!!!!!!
  4. Very cute! And lucky you on getting the perfect size!
  5. lucky u, congrats!
  6. those are nice
  7. Thanks everyone, I'm sooo pleased with them :nuts:
  8. Cool looking shoes..............and your cat looks like he/she's guarding them!!!!! Love the expression and the blue eyes!!!!
  9. Wow congratulations.
  10. Congrats, nice one.
  11. Your cat is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, and of course your shoes are gorgeous!