yay for my new school bag! :)

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  1. my boyfriend and i were going to go to the zoo today to see the pandas (my fave animal ever!:biggrin:) but we found out they closed so freakin early--4pm! so we went to neiman marcus last call and the coach outlet instead. haha.

    i got this baby for 144+tax. i love it! :love: the suede gallery tote. (sorry the pics are from ebay since my usb cord for my camera is in my apt in san diego! im in la right now.. )

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  2. nice choice! i love the blue on the brown :biggrin:
  3. I like this one....The size and shape if good to hold all the things for school... :smile:

  4. Looks nice!! :smile:
    Oooh, and I love the Pandas at the San Diego Zoo!! :biggrin: Is that where you were going?? You can always look at them here: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/zoo/ex_panda_station.html :love:
    (they're sleeping right now though :P)
  5. Ooohhh! I have that bag. I love it. It holds everything and the zipper across the top keeps stuff safe from prying eyes. When every I have to bring lots of stuff to work (including book and magazines) I pull that tote out.

    You got a great deal. I paid retail for it. It will quickly become a favoriate. Congrats!:smile:
  6. Fabulous! Love a good bargain! Much better than the zoo!
  7. Ooooh I love the pandas, another day for pandas. ;)

    I love the gallery tote, very cute.
  8. Nice tote! I think you'll get a lot of use out of it.
  9. Oh, I definitely like this bag...agreed with Mariah....LOVE the blue contrast to the brown!

    Blue is one of my fav. colors

  10. Great deal and that's a nice bag to hold lots of stuff. Just the other day, I saw a lady with the same tote at the post office and it does look good in person!
  11. Nice choice! I own the signature gallery from last year. Its one of my favorites.
  12. what a great deal!! congrats!
  13. great deal! it'll be perfect for school
  14. That's a good deal. I have the gallery tote in camel and I like it a lot. Enjoy yours!
  15. Oh what a deal....great bag!!! I love Coach Outlets.