Yay for my new fall bag! (hamptons leather hobo)

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  1. Or at least my new fall bag until something else catches my eye LOL Then I'll just rotate the two!

    I went in about two weeks ago (yes, I didn't get around to getting a pic taken until tonight) thinking I was going to snatch one of these little pretties up in the Berry color, but that was way too purple for me to use, I wanted more of a real 'berry' w/ purplish red color to it. So Lil Miss Mahogany came home w/ me instead! I just adore this bag! I think its a great deal considering its all leather, and even though I did not get the large one, I feel its large enough for everything I need :smile: I was surprised to see it was more two toned in person.


    I can't wait until tomorrow, my little fox keychain should be here too, I will see about switching out the hardware and add him on to this bag, I think it will be so cute!:heart:
  2. I love this bag and it looks wonderful on you! Congrats!
  3. Can the strap be shortened? It looks a little long for me.
  4. I like this bag too! Looks good on you. Congratulations.
  5. It's a great bag! And it looks gorgeous on you! Congrats!
  6. Your new bag looks gorgeous on you! I'm a huge fan of the mahogany leather--so pretty! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Wow!! That bag looks beautiful on you and seems like the perfect size! Enjoy!
  8. Ohh that color looks beautiful. Tha bag looks great on you. WHat a great bag for the Fall and all year. Enjoy.
  9. Congrats! I think it looks very classy.
  10. Very nice!
  11. lovely bag! it definitely will work for summer and into the fall and winter, good choice :tup:
  12. That bag looks great on you! Good Choice!
  13. nns,
    By any chance can you post close up pics of your beautiful brown bag. I'm really liking it and want to see more close up and inside pics. Thanks so much.
  14. blue gatorade, the strap has an adjustable buckle on one side, mine is set in the middle of three holes, if you were to go up to the top I do not think it would adjust it more than perhaps an inch in length. That and I think bags and belts and such always look odd on the last hole/first hole :smile:

    Thank you so much everyone for the kind words, I get extremely picky about bag size since I'm not a small gal, so to hear it looks good on me from ladies here is wonderful thank you! :biggrin: I will take a couple more pictures when I have a chance, I'm scrapbooking today and getting some organizing done too, maybe I can squeeze in a picture shot or three.

    I do highly recommend this as a good 'everyday' bag. I certainly wouldn't use it for a dressy occasion, but it is fun w/ the belt detail on it for skipping out here and there.

    Oh and the fox keyfob came in on thursday, I've been playing around w/ how to attach him to the purse and have him slid on by the key ring onto the clasp for the buckle on the purse right in the middle front of it. I don't know if I like it though w/ that darn silvertone key ring. I think I may have to wait on lil foxy until I find a nice fall scarf for him :smile:
  15. You're lovely and I love your bag. Congratulations!

    From your avatar, I thought you might have been Japanese. I'm sorry your experience in lending out your bag was negative. I hope the smoke smell clears quickly.

    Take care,