yay for My Dior!

  1. aside from it being a little on the heavy side, it's a beautiful blue!

    yay for camera phones!

  2. Wow! Love it! :yes:
  3. Pretty shade of blue. :smile: Congrats too!
  4. nice color!
  5. Love it.
  6. that blue is gorgeous..
  7. wow its gorgeous, the color so beautiful.
  8. STUNNING, and welcome to the forum!!
  9. welcome to the forum and i say MORE PICS ! :yahoo:
  10. hot purse.. Yummy
  11. Welcome, your bag is lovely, I like the shade of blue
  12. Love it! Congrats!
  13. Very nice color
  14. congrats! stunning color
  15. OMG! THe blue looks crazily beautiful! I saw it on the NM website and was like, "WHOA! That blue is so nice" but it looks even better in your pic!

    Congrats on your purchase, and welcome to TPF!!!!!