Yay for me!! I am keeping true to my New Bag Credo!

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  1. So since I posted my new bag rules, I have successfully weeded the bag wardrobe to eliminate two of the bags that I had doubles on and one of them being a black tote with silver hardware! Now I just have to be really careful about the new bags coming in not violating any of the rules!
    My edited collection!
    Also have the black mc flap on the way.
    Next i am hoping for a nice big bright bag!

    Chanel edit done--now on to Chloe!!
    chanel family 002_2.jpg
  2. Sorry Rockerchic...I've missed the rules, and I think it could help here...
    Especially if I can also apply them to the Balenciaga collection ;)

    Thanks for posting pic of your collection : I always love to see it :smile:
  3. Oooooo, you have a great collection!!!! Whatever your rules are - I love what you have!!!!
  4. Aaahhh, thank's for posting that link!!!

    I know it can be hard, esp when you love something, you tend to buy it in multiples...I am the same way - and I try so hard not to!!!!
  5. Thanks for posting the rules Rocker !!!!
    I'll try to follow them ;)
  6. ohhh, what a gaw dropping collection u have there! Don't worry, we will help you keep the rules....or be the devil when time calls for ^_<
  7. How many did you cut rockerchic?
  8. Oops didn't enlarge the pic! Nice going!
  9. way to go rockerchic! I salute you!
  10. I am glad your sticking by your rules. As Classic Chic stated "we will help you keep the rules".
  11. ^^I need all the help I can get! :smile:
  12. Rockerchic - You have a great Chanel collection. I love the black tote.
  13. Rockerchic, even with the cuts, your collection is still TDF!!! I am so happy for you that you are sticking by your new rules!!!!
  14. Ack, not the beige/black Reporter! I admire your courage to put any of your lovely bags on the chopping block!!