Yay for birthdays! Watercolor summery love!

  1. Today my SO took me to the mall and for my birthday on Wednesday bought me the watercolor hobo! :nuts: He actually picked it out :heart: - he just wanted me there to make sure I liked it before making such a big purchase (we're college kids - he works two jobs, you get the picture). I'm so psyched :nuts: - but I'm not allowed to see it until my birthday. It's all wrapped up and sealed because they brought it out from the back - so I never got to see it. And my SO hid it when we got home! :love: I'm really psyched lol - all my bags are black and brown - so this is my first COLORFUL bag! :yahoo:


    I'll post pics (and maaaaybe some modeling pics) of it when I get it.

    Anyone know much about this line? I think it's GREAT, color-wise, for summer time! It's funny, we go to the Hamptons (well, Montauk) every summer with my family - and he said "it looks like the PERFECT Hamptons bag" - and when we looked at the tag, it's from the HAMPTONS line! Ahhh it was meant to be! Hehe - it's been a year since I got my last bag - so I'm jumping for joy! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! :yahoo: Jump with me! :wlae:
  2. Happy Birthday!! Its adorable and will look great with everything? So when is your acutal B-day? Mine is April 18th! I hope my hubby thinks "Coach" for me too!!
  3. I think it is very colorful and is very calming. I find the patchwork this year is frantic looking. This watercolor is very soft - and especially pretty in this hobo shape. Enjoy it!!! I remember those college years and how precious those hard-worked-for gifts were. I still wear the engagement ring my hubby gave to me in college even though he has since bought me much more expensive rings - that diamond will always be precious to me.
  4. I'm April 11th and turning 22 :p
  5. Very nice!
  6. Yay! Happy early birthday! I love the watercolor stripe...you are right, it is great for summer! (if it ever gets here...35 degrees here today and it was 80 on Tuesday...grr)
  7. ^^^^ I'm in upstate NY here - in the high 30's - brrr :sad:
  8. oh Livin, i could just hear the tone of your excitement through the text. i was smiling as i read through your post. it just reminds me of how me and my boyfriend like to go through that tradition too of hiding our gifts that we give to eachother if they're prepurchased before the date (we live together in an apartment for college). But that tote is a lovely choice for your first colorful bag. and i can tell you won't be bored of it and will love it to death just by how you've described your excitement. happy birthday too by the way.
    the shape of the bag is very lovely and hopefully you'll get some matching accessories to go a long with it ;) such a pretty bag needs a pretty buddie inside. hehehe.
  9. ^^ well this hobo makes hobo # three hehehe - so I think I'm good with the hobo's haha :lol:. Me and my SO also live together in an appartment off campus, so it's kind of hard to buy gifts without the other knowing :p
  10. Happy birthday and congrats on such a lovely gift.
  11. Happy early birthday. Can't wait to see pictures of it when you get to open it!
  12. Congratulations and happy birthday!! How very sweet of him to spend such a chunk of change for your birthday - he's a keeper :yes: and I really like the watercolor - good choice!
    Congrats that such a pretty bag for spring/summer!
  14. congrats and happy birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday!! That is a beautiful bag!! You have a wonderful SO!!