Yay for Ann Taylor!

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  1. I'm starting a new job soon and needed some new clothes. I started at the petite section at Nordstrom. Now I love Nordstrom. It's my favorite place for shoes (they carry my size - 5 1/2) and cosmetics. But I was so disappointed. The petite section was like old lady central. Even more disappointing is how cheap everything was. Some of the pants weren't even lined (even though they cost $100) and I didn't see anything with a natural fiber. I complained to the manager (in a nice way) saying that I was set to buy a lot more but wasn't going to spend that kind of money on cheap polyester pants.

    So I went to my old stand by, Ann Taylor. Sure enough they had lots of things to choose from and I spent a lot of money. Money that I could have spent at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's or Macy's if they had bothered to carry decent petite clothing.

    It really irritates me because there lots of us petite women under 60 with professional jobs that need decent work clothing. If the market exists why don't they fill it?
  2. Glad to hear you found what you needed. I sometimes need petite clothing and I know it's difficult to find cute items that don't scream cheap.

    FYI - Banana Republic also carries petite business wear. I actually prefer their lightweight wool suits to AT's suits.
  3. I buy most of my work clothing at Ann Taylor. It try to buy other places but I always end up back at Ann Taylor or AT Loft. I did buy a couple of suits I really like at Macys though that are Anne Klein. I did have to hem them even though they are petites but they look great.
  4. I live at Ann Taylor- I think maybe 2/3rs of my wardrobe is from AT! Their clothes are well made, good quality- I've had a few AT cashmere sweaters for years and they still look great. Although I like Banana's styles I think Ann Taylor is higher quality and lasts longer. I like that their clothes aren't too young or old- right in between- stylish and modern but not too trendy. Glad you found great petite stuff there!
  5. Yup! Good quality for the price you pay and not too young or too old. Me and my mom like to trade pieces and borrow each others Ann Taylor stuff. My mom LOVES Ann Taylor for cute dresses appropriate for her age and work clothes! (I'm 18, my mom is 47) Lots of nice basic and classic stuff.
  6. i'm petite too (5'3) but i live in theory and elie tahari for work clothes. I just hem the pants. The petite at BR and AT are just a hair short on me! I'd be flooding if I wear any heels at all (even kitten heels).
  7. zara is great for work wear. their trousers are supper long but i know in the UK they alter them for you. i wish we had ann taylor in the UK, i always get loads of stuff when i go to the US
  8. Well, it's not business wear but I just bought these AT dresses today~ (I'm 5'2"). They always have the cutest petite dresses! You're right, it's so hard to find stores with decent petite clothes. I also love BR & Gap for cute reasonably priced stuff.