Yay! First ever cholesterol test was great!

  1. A little horn tootin' here...

    I had my first cholesterol test at age 40. Yeah, a little too long to wait but better late than never!

    I was worried it would be high because I just love cheese, dairy, eggs, shrimp...all the stuff that can elevate levels, which increases your chance for heart disease.

    here's my results!

    Total Cholesterol count is 204 (should be under 200)

    LDL (bad cholesterol) is 114 (should be under 130)
    HDL (Good cholesterol) is 84 (should be over 50)
    Triglycerides are 30 (should be under 150)

    Woo hoo!! :yahoo:
  2. WHOOO HOOO! Not bad at all!

    Forgot what mine was the last time, but my doc was pleased.
  3. YEA!! That's the way it should be!!!:tup:
  4. ...LOL am I officially "old" now that I'm bragging about routine health tests? somebody stop me, please!!
  5. LMAO! I know what you mean... my brother and I were talking about this the other day... he came over, handed me a prescription I'd called in the week before and said "I was picking up my pills and they said this was ready for you." Then we got to talking about what pils we took for what... and I asked him what his last cholesterol level was, and told him about my high blood pressure!

    As long as you don't prefix EVERY conversation with "Well, I have... (fill in a medical complaint here)..." you are okay. :p