Yay! Finally my love....

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  1. Got my pomme envelope plate last night! And enquired about Dentelle Kirsten. Hope to get the Dentelle as well. And oh! Just got in this morning and I've got a mail (5 days old mail which I don't notice) from Louis! It was the Pomme Catalogue very pretty! Makes me want o get more! I really like the Charm Bracelet in gold. Here are some pics of my envelope plate to share. I know you've seen it before but here's more anyway. :yahoo:

    I think it works better as a purse on its own rather than as a charm on a bag.
    pomme envelope plate 1.jpg pomme envelope plate 2.jpg pomme envelope plate 3.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS! :love:
  3. Pretty! Looks like a great size actually!
  4. Fabulous! Congrats! What color is your razr? I have a blakc one but the red is TDF!!!
  5. LOVE IT! congrats!

  6. Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE the size, especially with that color!! :yes:
  7. It's so cute! Glad to see it fits the razr phone :smile:
  8. It's very cute!
  9. Quick question about your pomme envelope...if you don't mind me asking...what is the retail price of it?

    TIA! ;)
  10. Congrats! I love the envelope!
  11. My RAZR is in red/burgandy kinda of colour. Just checked the box said "MAROON" Well. I guess it is maroon then. But it goes so so so well with the Pomme envelope plate!
  12. Too cute....congrats!
  13. Oh shes so gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. It's AUD555. I'm very sure you get it cheaper in other countries. We, in Australia, generally pay around 20% more than the rest of the world!

  15. Thanks!! :yes: :yes: