YAY Finally My Foresta Ciao Ciao arrived and it's HUGE

  1. Wow I never thought it would be this big but I LOVE IT.. I love the size and everything... This print is so beautiful that it MUST be on a Big Bag... My hubby really likes it too... He's the one that got the mail this morning and woke me up by jumping on the bed like a little kid yelling for me to wake up telling me the mail is here. hehe :p I really love the foresta print... I only wish there was some place you could buy instead the eBay... But oh well, this is worth every penny... :yahoo::happydance:


  2. That is adorable, I think those fish are my favorite characters. I made sure I got a lot of them on the Stellina I got today :smile:
  3. *Jaw drops!* It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the print placement couldn't be more perfect! Congrats on such great buy!
  4. What a beautiful print placement. I just love Foresta with Sandy and that little white tulip right below her. Conrgatulations and enjoy your new bag!:party:
  5. Congrats on your foresta!.. yeah I love the fish but I also LOVE Sandy... My only complaint is that the shooms under her is a little cut off but that is one of the best print placements I've seen on eBay and I have been stalking it for awhile... So I'm happy...
  6. Thanks guys.... *does a happy dance* :happydance::choochoo::wlae::yahoo:

  7. I kind of wish it was a foresta, I got it in the L'amore print :smile: I have a soft spot for fish :nuts: Not to eat, but I think they are so cute to look at.
  8. Oooh... I love L'amore... And yeah fish are friends, not food.. :upsidedown: hehe
  9. i love the placement! congratz!
  10. congrats Danelys! i love it! esp the monkey reading the book! :tup:
  11. Thank you... My doxie looks a lot like yours... hehe we share 2 loves... Doxies and Tokidoki... :p

  12. Thank you ecny... Yeah the monkeys are so cute, I love the whole print...:yahoo:
  13. puppies and tokidoki! my 2 faves! eeeeeeeeek!!

    congrats on a beautiful foresta ciao ciao :biggrin:
  14. congrats!! cute puppy too!! :biggrin:
  15. congrats on your awesome foresta ciao ciao!