Yay! Finally got my leopard sprouse scarf!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    So happy! I finally found the red leopard silk sprouse scarf... :love:

    The colour is an amazing red and the size is perfect - I'm in love!
    SprouseAndBox_signed.JPG Sprouse1_signed.JPG Sprouse2_signed.JPG SprouseClose_signed.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! Looks nice on you!!!
  3. Oooo very nice!
  4. I love mine to death!!!!!! congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  5. very,very, pretty! congrats :yahoo:
  6. It´s fantastic! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats .. it looks FAB on you .. I have the same scarf and would LOVE the mono stephen bag too:nuts:
  8. Beautiful scarf..red is my favourite colour..
  9. Thanks for your kind words! And xLAUx, yours look fantastic w/ red epi!

    I was just wondering if a vernis cles in pomme d'amour or old red would look better together with this scarf, but maybe red epi would be the best choice?

  10. thank you my dear!:heart::flowers:
    i suggest to buy the red epi b/c is the same red, and they are gorgeous together!
  11. nice
  12. looks lovely! :love: congrats!
  13. congrats!!
  14. Congratulations.
  15. congrats!