YAY finally got my gucci horsebit hobo

  1. Ok, so I've wanted the gucci horsebit hobo in black leather with gold accent FOREVER, but it was always so expensive, so I was just about to settle and get the same bag in the monogram canvas, for $970 CAN. But then out of no where I decided to go to Holt Renfrew, and I didn't see it anywhere then I finally saw it hiding in the corner, it was the leather one (the one in my dreams) so I asked to see it, so I looked at the tag and I was like :nuts:, it was marked down from 1300.00 CAN to 870.00 CAN, I was literally dying of excitement, I was like I"ll take it!!! So i've never been happier!! Just thought I'd share!!
  2. :yahoo: Congratulations!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy!!!
  3. Wow, sounds like you got a terrific deal on a fab bag.


    Post pics!
  4. PICS!!!! Honestly though I just loves days when good things happen like that!!

  5. Here is a pic of the exact one I have. This is from the actual website!


    By the way pictures over the computer do not give bags justice. They look 100 times better in real life!

    Don't you agree?!:yes:
  6. Congrats.
  7. :yahoo: Yay!!!! Congrats!!!! Can you breathe yet??? I have the same in the chocolate guccissima...My fav!!!! Enjoy it!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. yay, I am dying for one!
    What province are you in?
  9. Awesome find! Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  10. What great luck...congrats!!
  11. Yay great deal! I'm glad that you found it cheaper than their outrageous MSRP. Show us modeling pics please!

    CONGRATS ! :biggrin:
  12. Wow!! YOu are sooooooo lucky. I have been eyeing the same bag but I think I will get mine in England next month like that I can claim a VAT refund!! Congrats!!

  13. Hello, I'm in Ottawa. It was just luck that I found one at Holt Renfrew because it it the only store we have that has designer pieces, so I was really lucky!
  14. It is so lovely.
  15. WOW!!! You got it on sale...CONGRATS!!!!! That's awesome!!!
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