Yay! Finally decided..and ordered my first Birkin!

  1. I know this is old hat to most of you...but I am so excited! I put my name down for a Gold 30cm Birkin with PH in Chevre (not CDC) as 1st choice and Clemence as second. I know that Clemence will be heavier but personally, I love the slouch factor. I was going to get it in Swift but they talked me out of it, saying it'll show the scratches right away. I would have loved to go for it but I am a clutz with my bags and would forget to be careful with it.
    Now...the wait...although he said it could be only a matter of months:nuts:! I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself!
    (Although...there was an awesome 25cm Fuschia Chevre Birkin there that I can already see might be the next one...does it ever stop?)
  2. :yahoo: Woohoo Stylefly!!! Congrats on placing your order -- I can't wait to see the bag once it comes in !!!
  3. YAY! :yahoo: How exciting for you, Stylefly! I recently put my name down for a Birkin too (hopefully!) - we can wait together :smile: Gold chevre with PH sounds awesome!
  4. Congrats SF!!!
    I can share your excitement - I know exactly how it feels!! Now the wait....... ugh......:sleepy:
  5. :wlae:CONGRATULATIONS:wlae: what a fantastic choices!!!! hope the wait will be short:smile:
  6. Here's to a short wait, and a long life of happiness with her! Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. congrats!
    so frm TO boutique right? hehe yeppie cheers!
  8. Congratulations, stylefly! It's always exciting to be able to place a Birkin order. I like the decision making process about deciding on a leather/colour combo far more than actually receiving the bag. And it never stops! Whilst you're waiting for this, I betcha you'll be thinking about other possibilities! :sweatdrop:
  9. Hope your wait is a short one -- but it will be sweet, anyway! Great choice!
  10. :yahoo:Oh that is so wonderful!! Congratulations!! Especially with the possibility of it being only a few months, you must be so very excited! WOO!! I am so, so happy for you!!

    I have a question about goat leathers...is CDC the only one that is not currently offered in Gold? I have been trying to get clarification on this from my SA but we keep missing each other on the phone. He's the one who originally told me that chevre wasn't offered in gold at the moment, when I asked for a 35 in chevre with phw.
  11. Congratulations.
  12. stylefly--Congrats on your future Birkin. How exciting. :smile:
  13. I was going to PM you about this! My SA said that he hadn't heard anything about Gold not being offered in Chevre. I did order the regular Chevre (I feel so ignorant, is that Mysore? I seem to recall that this is what I chose) and not CDC so maybe that's the difference. But it could be that my store is behind the times:p. Or maybe that's going to cause an extra wait time but eventually it'll be made...I'm not sure. Now i can relax and wait!

    Yorelica- yes, I bit the bullet. An extra $2000 it's going to cost me for buying it in Ontario with duty and then 14% tax on top. But it'll SO be worth it!
  14. OMG!!! How wonderful!! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to get my first birkin as well! What a great pick.....so classic.

  15. Me too! I thoroughly enjoy the acquisition process as long as you know it is coming for certain. Congrats on the order and it never stops. Thank goodness there is something harmless to obsess about.