YAY excited for new louboutins on its way to me!

  1. Just wanted to thank all the girls on here for their help with CL sizing and heel measurement and all the odd questions I have had here--I swear you all know more than the CL or Saks/NM shoe people i call asking for help!!!

    Side story, the other day I asked a NM shoe guy about the CL "simple pump" and he started looking at the CL shoes and picked up random ones and said "did you mean a simple looking pump like this?" :push: Oh well...cant blame him--maybe he was new...im always learning more each day myself...:shame:

    Anyhow...I just ordered a pair of the miss allen J leopard pumps from Barneys Beverly Hills and then after much research and calling--I ordered the blue patent simple pumps 70mm from the CL boutique on madison in NYC. They're a 35.5 though and Im a true 35 so Im just praying they fit me okay with an extra pad or so...hopefully as theyre patent and should be a tad bit more snug of a fit, right? :yes:

    Will definitely post pics when I get them--finding shoes to fit my small feet has always been such a pain :sad: so im really excited about these 2 new additions and in a slightly shorter heel so i wont die when i walk more than 2 block s:wlae:
  2. [​IMG]

    Picture of the miss allen j =)
  3. Louboutin Simple Pumps 70mm in electric blue patent =)



  4. So pretty!
  5. Both are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  6. What a rare & gorgeous color!! I LOVE blue!.....just wish it came in a 100mm version.
  7. Girl, I LOVE them both!! :nuts: :love: The leopard pumps are sexy and elegant, and the blue patent simple pumps are gorgeous (I wish I could trade my blue leather ones in for the patent hehe... mine are 80mm though). :p Congrats!! :yahoo:
  8. Great choices!
  9. Congratulations! I'm sure you're going to find an excuse to wear them everywhere, even on milk runs. I did when I first got my simple pumps!
  10. LOVE IT! Curiuos how they fit and what sizes did you order in both!:tup: