*Yay* Epi Dinard!!

  1. This week has been a goood Vuitton week.

    Last Saturday, I made it to the Dublin store and got my Damier Pap 26, and yesterday, I received the *most* beautiful Noir Epi Dinard, from eBay!

    Now, eBay is always a risk. This was the first thing my seller had sold, no feedback, so, I took a chance. However, the risk of losing $300 was well worth it as yesterday I received a mint condition Dinard, with box, dust bag and cards.


    Ahh, I'm so happy. AND my new digi cam came yesterday, so once I've charged the battery, I'll be able to start taking some pics, and finally post some pictures!!

    Here's a quick pic of the lovely Dinard.

  2. Nice...can't wait to see more pics!!!
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