yay! Dillards score!

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  1. I picked up this beauty yesterday-- Got her for $125 (including tax!)

    Im in love!



    Oh and I get my Pleated Satchel in today!!! yay!! So pics of her will come later!
  2. Lucky you.....what a great deal....:woohoo:
  3. HOLY HELL THATS A GREAT DEAL!!!! i seriously have to move to a state with a dillards in it, b/c the macys here in nj dont do any sales like that
  4. i was SO excited!! They had the small tattersall tote and I almost got it too--it was on sale for $136!!! had to restrain as I'll be going to the outlets next week. But I have been drooling over the flower purse! I never thought i'd see it at sucha great price! Its the small tote, but it is perfect!!!
  5. Wow, that's a great deal!! Congrats!
  6. *jealous!*
    And that bag is seriouslly SO beautiful.
    I'm amazed that it was there for so cheap!!
    You lucked out!!!!! Congrats!
  7. you got a great deal! that is beautiful bag, congrats!
  8. What a deal! Congrats.
  9. definitely a great deal, all we had was the patchwork bags... me no like the patchwork....
  10. These Dillards deals rock!
    Way better than outlet.
  11. Yeah we had the patchwork too but I didn't like it. They actually had two of the flowered totes in case anyone in this area was looking for one!
  12. WOW....VERY CUTE! I went to my Dillard's yesterday and there was nothing left. A couple of patchwork pouches and a few fish keyfobs...:tdown: I thought about calling a few other Dillards in my area and ask what they still have.... might do that..
  13. That's awesome price!! My dillards didn't have any of those left. Just patchwork and lots of madelines, and some tattersall!! I feel like going to all the Dillards in my area but then that would make me a little coach nut!!
  14. Mine didn't have anything but madelines and patchwork but I love the floral totes and what a great price!!!
  15. *sigh* I wish my dillards had that bag...it's so beautiful!!! great deal!!!