yay! devi kroell for target!

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  1. very cute! I saw this and it was very tempting! enjoy!
  2. I got the gold "python" tote. I use it as a laptop carrier! I love it!
  3. i just wonder how it will look like if it accidentally gets wet...
  4. yeah, be careful with that because it's light nylon. I got two clutches from the same collection at Target and they are pretty good quality for being very inexpensive! I think you'll be happy. But don't wear it out when it's raining!
  5. Thanks for posting this! I was just looking for a cute laptop / school bag and this is perfect~! :love: Can't wait until it arrives!
  6. yikes! that's what i've been thinking yesterday, debating whether i should get a black or this... sigh... i hope the black is still there.... there's 2 more left... i keep on researching about the fabric used and it's polyester, articles came up saying it can be cleaned easily and dries easily too. Shoot! i should've gotten the Black! i wonder about the water marks... ohh snap!
  7. I got the silver clutch from that collection. I love it, for $20.00 it's great.