YAY!!! Dark Red 2.55 has hit the U.S. Shores

  1. Well kind of. Chanel Hawaii just called me. They are shipping out my dark red 2.55 (in 226 size).:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Congrats Mon, hopefully it will arrive soon!
  4. This means that BG and NM should receive their stock of dark red within 2-3 weeks.:tup:
  5. yay!! can't wait to see some pics~~
  6. Yay! Mon, please post pics after you receive it! :yahoo: I hope I will receive mine soon too!
  7. I need to see a pic again! this is the non metalic correct?
  8. Actually I think we determined there was only one dark red 2.55 for S/S08 and it was metallic.
  9. Congrasts Mon,:nuts: :yahoo: you know we'll all be waiting patiently for pics.. Do you know if they ordered the 227 dark red as well?
  10. The 2 Hawaii boutiques (Ala Moana and Waikiki) only ordered the 225 (4 each) and 226 (4 each) sizes. BG ordered 226 and 227 sizes (not sure how many). NM ordered the 227 for sure, but not sure about other sizes.:shrugs:
  11. Geez, what were the buyers thinking? It just baffles me. Thanks Mon.. The hunt begins. :smile:
  12. :woohoo::woohoo: that is fantastic news Mon! You're going to be the first on the board again to get yet another stunning reissue and I can't wait to see your pictures of it! It's going to be an exciting week just waiting now.
  13. ^^Not the first. A European PF'er was the first to post they received their bag.

    I'm just excited to finally get to see it IRL.
  14. Oh Mon , I need to see this, I remeber its already in the refrence library. Gorgeous, this will be a hot bag, so no one is getting the 228?
  15. Congrats Mon! Glad to know they are finally making it to the US. Hopefully NM will be receiving their shipment soon!